hockey time

Wow there is a lot of blogging to catch up on so I am doing 2 posts.

Hmm where do I begin…

Well for starters its 10:12AM CST, and I am doing this blog post from work.  However I don’t have access to wordpress at this hell hole, yet I have access to GMAIL so I am writing the post in the body of an email only to copy and paste it when I get home.  Yes I am a winner,  a true champion.  I’ve been up for about 5 hours so now I officially feel like shit.  Ok enough of that nonsense.

Last Thursday I went to look at hockey equipment with my best friend Joe (best man at wedding, I know you don’t care but I felt obliged).  It was such a pathetic experience I felt like a child shopping with their parents as he was helping me with sizes and determining whether each piece of equipment would fit my fat out of shape body.  It was pretty funny to see all these people at the store staring at us like a bunch of idiots.  Now I knew I was out of touch with the technology of the equipment now a days, however I could not believe how ridiculous it has gotten.  (See Below)

Bauer Kiosk

That is a custom stick kiosk from Bauer (now owned by NIKE)

Yes you select the shaft, blade, pattern, color, grip, and then you put your name on it.  These things go for around $300+, are you fucking serious.  Who the hell is buying this, I am sorry parents but your kid is not that good.  If your child is not going to at the very least be 6’2″ and 220lbs he will not play in the NHL.  Chances are your kid is fucking awful and you are simply buying the stick to make them feel better about themselves.  However buyer beware, your shot will still suck and no one will like you anymore, in fact they will probably like you less because you have better stuff than them in that case you are a cancer to the team and you should quit.

Now that wasn’t very nice, I want one of those sticks.  <sad face>

I did make a few purchases as of late though, nothing spectacular some shoulder pads, hockey bag, shin guards, helmet, and SKATES.  Although I am still missing gloves and pants, I managed to knock out the juggernaut, I got a used pair of Bauer Vapor VI’s at a Play It Again Sports,  I will be hitting the ice sometime this week and there will be footage I am sure it will be a treat.

Also earlier in the week I got an email from Comedian Nick Griffin asking if I would feature for him in Peoria at The Jukebox Comedy Club next month, of course I accepted and I was honored that he asked me.  Nick is one of the best comics around today, his writing is extremely smart and he translates it very well on stage.  He absolutely deserves a lot of more credit than he is given.  I am thrilled to be working with him once again!

I think thats all for this one, theres another one coming about the fun filled weekend at The Improv.

later alligators