Yes I know I was only 3 days in to the blog and I slacked off.
I’d like to say I have good reason to but I don’t.  I will do my best to not let it happen again, I apologize to all of the people who aren’t reading this.  Anywho I had a pretty good weekend so I’m in a fairly good mood right now.  I opened for Vic Dunlop at The Funny Bone in Bloomington, IL.  This is one of my favorite rooms, the staff is awesome (GM Luke Swanson is a true professional), the crowds are great, its just a good time and thats all that matters getting paid at the end of the weekend feels like an added bonus.  Vic is a super nice guy and a veteran of stand up comedy it was nice to get some insight from someone who has 33 years of experience, and he’s tenacious on stage.  I really enjoyed his sets all weekend, I also got to work with a friend of mine Cindy Cornelsen, she recently moved to LA it was nice to catch up and get a chance to see some of her new work which by the way is hilarious.   As usual I was super lazy while I was on the road, I didn’t bring my computer so I did not blog, watch anything on HuLu or play online poker.  I barely read any of the book I brought, however I did sleep a lot and that was totally awesome.  In addition to the copious amounts of slumber I managed to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes, drink, eat hardees.  So yea it was a fun weekend even though my diet is absolute shit.  With that said I am going to start working out in maybe the most dangerous way possible.  I am going to start playing Hockey again.  Yes that’s right, I will be back on the ice.

I played hockey my entire life up until about 6 years ago and thats when my diet and physique started to go south.  So within the next couple weeks I will be purchasing the necessary equipment to make my triumphant return to the ice.  I will video tape the shenanigans and post it on the blog, it will be pathetic.  Speaking of hockey I went to the blackhawks game today with my brother, and they lost to New York Islanders (Currently worst record in the NHL) and they also faced a goalie who had his first NHL start, Fuck You guys you ruined my fun weekend.  I also ate shitty chinese food tonight, however I got over it really fast as I was consumed with the roast of larry the cable guy, Greg Giraldo is fucking genius.

So yea, it was a fun weekend I am not looking forward to the day job tomorrow but oh well I need to pay bills, I am getting married in little less than 3 months…  (Fuck that’s soon)

Anywho I’ll be at the Improv this weekend for 5 shows Mar 20-22nd heres the link (Come see me!)

I think that’s all I have to report at this moment.

PS- I did not proofread this at all.

later alligators