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Danny Gokey does The Hokey Pokey.

So I think the bronchitis is on its way out, big deal I still hate myself and feel like shit as per usual.

I watched American Idol tonight, and I feel ok about it.  I usually just tune in to watch the audition process because we all know its hilarious, I know most of it is staged and the producers have a hand convincing the talentless trailer trash that they will be big stars on the TeeVee, regardless of that its hilarious.

I don’t care for many of the top 12, I mean 13 this year except for Mr. Danny Gokey.  I think he’s really talented, and very likeable,  especially considering the fact I like him and I hate just about everyone.  Not to mention he’s the best thing to come out of Milwaukee since Pabst Blue Ribbon. Like I said he really can sing, however dancing is not in his wheel house. I am really glad that my fiancee DVR’s this show for the simple fact that I can watch him dance around like a fool.  I think his poor dancing skills will in fact help the “Gokester” (I am claiming to coin that nickname) as it caused a pessimist like myself to take notice in a positive way.  However I did not vote.  So maybe it didn’t do anything at all…  Anyways, hopefully the AI voting public doesn’t fuck it up and they keep him around for a while.

Some other things I noticed while watching the show:

They have hispanic CostCo’s and there is karaoke in them Click Here

The blind guy still scares me, producers please make him wear sunglasses I know he can’t help it but its so off putting

Paula looked like she got shot with a tranquilizer gun or had a stroke right before the broadcast

Randy is just like Paula, he spews nothing but nonsense Dog

Anoop Desai is a weiner

Jorge Nunez’s head would be great for scrubbing my George Foreman grill

That’s how you keep it clean people.

later alligators