riding a high, for now…

Over this last weekend I had the pleasure to open for Bobby Lee (MadTv, Pineapple Express) at The Improv in Schaumburg IL.  It was one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had doing comedy, in addition to working with Bobby I also got to work a very talented comic named Sarah Tiana (E!, New Season of Reno 911).

The 3 of us after the last show on 3/22


The crowds were pretty large all weekend long, 3 shows around 300+ and 2 sellouts which is about 420+, being in an opener in that situation is a very tough task the larger they are the louder they are going to be.  I did 15 minute sets up front each night, and felt good about everyone of them except for Sunday.  I wasn’t horrible by any means but the laughs weren’t as strong as they were the first 4 shows.  However I recieved some very positive feedback from the other performers on the show, which means a lot to me seeing as they are both much further along than I am in comedy.  As the opening act you usually are left by the way side which is fine, its obvious that the crowds are not there to see me.  However I did get some really nice compliments from members of the audience in lobby during the meet and greets after the shows, I must say it was pretty cool. Bobby was so nice all weekend long, I was really impressed with the way he carried himself as a young comic coming up it was a really awesome experience for me and a big confidence booster.  I really hope I get the chance to work with him and Sarah in the future.

So last night I did a set at The Zoo in Chicago IL (located 1 block from Wrigley Field) the name of the show is Endangered Comics, it is hosted by my good friend Comedian Mike Von.  The show featured some really good comics a few of whom I consider close friends and I was really happy to be a part of it.  First of all Mike Von is one of the best emcees I’ve ever seen, this guy not only has endless supplies of material he is so good at keeping the crowd hot, which is why he has been tapped to host a special show with me & Ryan Budds (announcement of said show coming soon!)  The crowd was pretty solid last night for a Monday, about 30 people and since the room is so small and intimate it was perfect.  I had a lot of fun there, I was a bit apprehensive before I went up but next thing I knew I was in the zone had a pretty solid set!

I purchased  the rest of my hockey equipment today, so as soon as the stuff I ordered online gets here its time to hit the ice, I can’t wait for that shit its going to be hilarious!

So yea, I’ve had a pretty good past few days which in my life means something really fucking shitty is going happen. I hope not but that’s usually how it goes for me.

Tomorrow night I’ll be going to the blackhawks game, so I will most likely not blog.

Anything else before I go, oh yes… I ate Little Caesars pizza for lunch and it was delicious just how as I remember it when I was a young lad.


(did not proofread, don’t care either)

later alligators



I did absolutely nothing today.  Work was an absolute waste of my time, it’s become so mindless and irritating all I do is waste away there for 8 hours a day. I’d love to quit but I need to pay my bills and with the wedding approaching quiting isn’t a good idea.  However I know that I would be much happier trying to do comedy full time but with our lovely economy its just not feasible.  I did however update bits and pieces of my website www.anthonysarfino.com, caught up on emails, & returned some phone calls.  I felt like handling my personal business while at work was a better decision.   Another non work related activity I participated in today was finally reading my friend Comedian Ryan Budds’ (<–hilarious) spec script of The Office.  It was very well written and had me laughing out loud kudos to him for that fine piece of work.

I was supposed to go hang out at Fizz tonight and support a room I help run however I fell asleep when I got home and woke up about 20 minutes before the show started, so I laid the egg on that one.  Sorry guys.  I won 3 impressive games on NHL 09 for xbox 360, 2 of which were in overtime.  If any of you out there are on xbox live my gamertag is SSSUDIO, if you have NHL 09 I will gladly take the time out of my not so busy life to beat you senseless.

I had Taco Bell for lunch today it was great as per usual.  I run for the border a lot and I know the menu like the back of my hand, I understand its pathetic but its the best fast food on the planet.  That’s the end of that.

I also finally watched American Movie today, it was amazing.  If you haven’t seen it do you self a favor and watch it, its streaming on Netflix, if you don’t have Netflix get that too.  It’s great especially when paired with xbox live.  I still have not seen Role Models, I am going to make an attempt to watch it over the weekend, but I will most likely spend my free time trying to finish reading Watchmen, so I could go see it.

So yea, basically I didn’t leave my couch today and the highlight of the day was my delicious Taco Bell, pretty exciting eh?

Tomorrow I’ll be doing the bulk of the hockey equipment shopping so that will involve me leaving the couch.

Well its time to head off to slumberland.

later alligators

at least i was somewhat productive

I didn’t blog yesterday because I felt like sleeping was a better choice, and once again I am not sorry.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t give a shit.  I am not irish or religious so I really don’t care, sorry.  I do like to drink, and watch people make a mess of themselves however I have to be up at 5am tomorrow to go to a job that makes me want to cut myself, that place made me want to get stinking drunk today but I had a change of heart when I left.

I went out to shop for some hockey equipment this evening, I haven’t played in 6 years so I am completely out of touch with the technology and have gained about 40lbs since I’ve last played (im 210 now) since I’m a fat ass now I have no clue what size I am in anything so this going to be interesting, however the point of this experience is to lose weight we’ll see what happens.  I ended up only buying a stick and elbow pads tonight, however I am shopping online as we speak, I buying strictly clearance and closeouts to spend as less as possible.  I am excited though, I don’t get joy out of much in life anymore so this is kind of making me feel better about myself.  However I am sure i’ll be miserable about it when I realize how out of shape I am.

I will keep my word by posting video and pictures from these shenanigans.

I probably mentioned this but I am at The Improv in Schaumburg all weekend, I am looking forward to it.  Its an awesome room, and I’m glad I get to perform there on a regular basis.  The staff is fucking amazing and they do it right, they know how to make the comics comfortable and thats not something that happens at all clubs.  Its always pleasure to work that room.

Oh yea and I hate American Idol again.  It’s absurd.  My fiancee loves it though, she does watch the worst fucking shows ever.  I scold her for it constantly.  John & Kate plus 8, DWTS, Bridezillas, & etc… I don’t know they all make me want to vomit.  She can’t help it though.  It’s ok she’s still awesome in my book.

ok thats enough of my uninteresting thoughts.

later alligators