wow i suck at life!

In my last blog post i pinky swore i was still going to blog, obviously i have not.
I am sorry.

I logged on because i am updating my website at the moment and i figured hmm lemme log in wordpress and see how many views my shitty blog has gotten.  To my surprise there has been a shitload, so i feel like a douche.
Here’s whats happened lately.

I got married, and my wedding was awesome.

I still haven’t played hockey.

I gained about 10 lbs, Taco Bell is still great.

I will be going to a lot of hawks games this year.

I was on the road a shit load this past summer and worked with some incredible comedians including this guy below, (yes thats my wife)

my wife, pablo francisco, and me

I am selling t shirts after shows

I am shooting my dvd in a couple weeks October 21st to be exact, at lol theater in schaumburg

For the first time in a long time i am actually kinda happy with life right now, im sure that will change soon.

anyways, im going to try and be consistent with the blogging because i cant believe you people read this.

later alligators


Anthony Sarfino is still blogging i promise

hey everyone rest assured i’m still here doing my shitty blog.

this is what i’ve been up to:

being miserable at my fucking day job which i hate more than anything in the world, most of my free time is sleeping and smoking lots of cigarettes. i tried both at once, too dangerous.

the wedding is coming soon and im stressed as fuck.

im trying to write new stuff, but have so much negativity around me its not going as planned.

trying to design t-shirts and get ready to promote the big show july 11th more details tbd.

played golf.

still haven’t played hockey.

eating a lot of cereal.

watching the chicago blackhawks.

doing comedy shows have a lot of fun ones coming up including this one Curtains-Shadow

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ps- big stupid post coming on sunday night. i pinky swear.

later alligators.

hockey time

Wow there is a lot of blogging to catch up on so I am doing 2 posts.

Hmm where do I begin…

Well for starters its 10:12AM CST, and I am doing this blog post from work.  However I don’t have access to wordpress at this hell hole, yet I have access to GMAIL so I am writing the post in the body of an email only to copy and paste it when I get home.  Yes I am a winner,  a true champion.  I’ve been up for about 5 hours so now I officially feel like shit.  Ok enough of that nonsense.

Last Thursday I went to look at hockey equipment with my best friend Joe (best man at wedding, I know you don’t care but I felt obliged).  It was such a pathetic experience I felt like a child shopping with their parents as he was helping me with sizes and determining whether each piece of equipment would fit my fat out of shape body.  It was pretty funny to see all these people at the store staring at us like a bunch of idiots.  Now I knew I was out of touch with the technology of the equipment now a days, however I could not believe how ridiculous it has gotten.  (See Below)

Bauer Kiosk

That is a custom stick kiosk from Bauer (now owned by NIKE)

Yes you select the shaft, blade, pattern, color, grip, and then you put your name on it.  These things go for around $300+, are you fucking serious.  Who the hell is buying this, I am sorry parents but your kid is not that good.  If your child is not going to at the very least be 6’2″ and 220lbs he will not play in the NHL.  Chances are your kid is fucking awful and you are simply buying the stick to make them feel better about themselves.  However buyer beware, your shot will still suck and no one will like you anymore, in fact they will probably like you less because you have better stuff than them in that case you are a cancer to the team and you should quit.

Now that wasn’t very nice, I want one of those sticks.  <sad face>

I did make a few purchases as of late though, nothing spectacular some shoulder pads, hockey bag, shin guards, helmet, and SKATES.  Although I am still missing gloves and pants, I managed to knock out the juggernaut, I got a used pair of Bauer Vapor VI’s at a Play It Again Sports,  I will be hitting the ice sometime this week and there will be footage I am sure it will be a treat.

Also earlier in the week I got an email from Comedian Nick Griffin asking if I would feature for him in Peoria at The Jukebox Comedy Club next month, of course I accepted and I was honored that he asked me.  Nick is one of the best comics around today, his writing is extremely smart and he translates it very well on stage.  He absolutely deserves a lot of more credit than he is given.  I am thrilled to be working with him once again!

I think thats all for this one, theres another one coming about the fun filled weekend at The Improv.

later alligators

at least i was somewhat productive

I didn’t blog yesterday because I felt like sleeping was a better choice, and once again I am not sorry.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t give a shit.  I am not irish or religious so I really don’t care, sorry.  I do like to drink, and watch people make a mess of themselves however I have to be up at 5am tomorrow to go to a job that makes me want to cut myself, that place made me want to get stinking drunk today but I had a change of heart when I left.

I went out to shop for some hockey equipment this evening, I haven’t played in 6 years so I am completely out of touch with the technology and have gained about 40lbs since I’ve last played (im 210 now) since I’m a fat ass now I have no clue what size I am in anything so this going to be interesting, however the point of this experience is to lose weight we’ll see what happens.  I ended up only buying a stick and elbow pads tonight, however I am shopping online as we speak, I buying strictly clearance and closeouts to spend as less as possible.  I am excited though, I don’t get joy out of much in life anymore so this is kind of making me feel better about myself.  However I am sure i’ll be miserable about it when I realize how out of shape I am.

I will keep my word by posting video and pictures from these shenanigans.

I probably mentioned this but I am at The Improv in Schaumburg all weekend, I am looking forward to it.  Its an awesome room, and I’m glad I get to perform there on a regular basis.  The staff is fucking amazing and they do it right, they know how to make the comics comfortable and thats not something that happens at all clubs.  Its always pleasure to work that room.

Oh yea and I hate American Idol again.  It’s absurd.  My fiancee loves it though, she does watch the worst fucking shows ever.  I scold her for it constantly.  John & Kate plus 8, DWTS, Bridezillas, & etc… I don’t know they all make me want to vomit.  She can’t help it though.  It’s ok she’s still awesome in my book.

ok thats enough of my uninteresting thoughts.

later alligators

its about time


After the enormous amounts of complaints I’ve gotten from people about how the blog link on my website doesn’t work I’ve decided to blog.  For your information that blog option in the header was just for decoration, I didn’t actually think that anyone would click on it, thanks for making me.


I can’t promise that I will talk about anything interesting or insightful, unless you count the reviews of new Taco Bell menu items which can be quite informative. (I am also sure that my grammar will be poor)  However I will give this blog thing a fair chance, I will not give up on it like I have Facebook and MySpace (I just couldn’t get into all the bells and whistles and I just didn’t have the time to keep it up with it all)  Maybe I’ll come back one day, but for now this blog and twitter are simple enough for me.

So here’s whats been going on with me in the past few days…

I’ve been sick with bronchits which has made me more miserable than usual, I am now confident I can drink Michael Jordan under the table (gatorade) that is.  I stayed in bed all of Thursday & Friday and watched a lot of Maury Povich, and found out like many others “I was not the father” it was quite entertaining.  I played a lot of NHL 09 on XBOX 360, which I am prolific at.  I have a dynasty with the Blackhawks and I am 35-9-1-1 (on the hardest difficulty setting so suck it).  Yesterday I opened for a good friend of mine Rick March at Cigars & Stripes, I expected to have a horrible set in part to my illness but to my suprise it was pretty solid.  I was also a bit nervous as it was the first time I played that room, having heard stories from comics that the crowd can be pretty rough but I took control of the crowd from the start, plowed through 20 minutes of solid material & guzzling gatorade (lime rain), afterwards I stopped at Mr. Submarine drove home ate my Pastrami sub and went to bed.

Today my fiancee and I went to the Blackhawks game, and that was a shit show.  They lost, because they played like garbage.  Enough said.

Tomorrow I have to go back to my day job, which I hate with an absolute passion.  I wish I had a day job that would allow me to focus on comedy a little bit more, however with the state of the economy thats not an option.  My fiancee still hasn’t found anything since her lay-off and with our wedding approaching fast and mountains of bills I am strapped as it is.  However I am still working on my act, writing throughout the week and going over bits in my car, my apartment, trying them out at work, everything little thing I can do helps.  I am looking forward to this weekend, as I’ll be featuring at The Funny Bone in Bloomington, IL its one of my favorite rooms and I always have a good time there.

I think thats it for me tonight, I  am going to drink some Arnold Palmer half & half and play nhl 09 til my eyes burn.

later alligators